Bulbs for London is an MPGA initiative in collaboration with Taylors Bulbs of Holbeach, a leading UK bulb company

We had a fantastic response to our Bulbs for London 2014 initiative and during December sent out bulbs to over 100 gardens and sites across London.  As a charity we work within the 33 London Boroughs and the good news is that bulbs were sent out to almost every Borough.

Our thanks go to our partners in this venture, Taylors Bulbs of Holbeach, who again in 2014 very generously provided and distributed the bulbs totally free of charge. These bulbs, combined with those planted under the scheme in 2012 and 2013, in total benefitted over 300 sites.

In the Spring when they were in bloom, they had a tremendous impact and brightened the daily lives of countless people across London, as can be seen in the photographs below – only some of the many we received. Click on each photo to get a larger picture.

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